Upgrading SCCM 2012 to SCCM 2012 SP1

It’s out! If you’re a Technet Subscriber, go grab it here. At first I was a bit confused because there doesn’t seem to be a plain “SP1 download”. It’s always “SCCM 2012 … with SP1” or “SCOM 2012 … with SP1” and so on. As it turns out, you’re supposed to download the whole thing and then in SCCM setup choose to “upgrade this installation”.

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Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 8

Recently I took the plunge and updated my main PC and notebook to Windows 8 Pro. So far I’m very impressed with the speed of the system and the level of hardware recognition. Gone are the days where after installing Windows you couldn’t connect to the network because the network adapter wasn’t recognized (of course we’ll see what happens with really new hardware, my notebook and PC are 1-2 years old).

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The benefits of a c:\tools folder

You know how it is – you’re doing something on a server and just now putty.exe or some other small executable would come in handy. Unfortunately, it’s not there, and maybe the server you’re on does not have internet access, either. Every administrator has been in this situation before, and you know what’s next. Search for the tool on another machine, maybe download it first from the internet, then copy it to the server’s c:\temp etc. Continue reading